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AIOU BCS Details

Following 82 codes with name, credit and remarks (whether it is continued, discontinued or old/new code info) are being offered in this program.
Results for BCS are being shown in the table. You can scroll table if needed. Click on the program to show its details. To view all programs being offered in AIOU you can visit this link.
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Results for programe BCS
Sr NoCode NoNameCreditProgrameRemarks
1905System Analysis & Design Half CreditBCSDiscontinued
2906Programming with C Language Half CreditBCSDiscontinued
3907Application Soft Ware-II (Data Base Applications) Half CreditBCSDiscontinued
4908Programming in PASCAL Half CreditBCSDiscontinued
5909Fundamentals and Electronic Concepts Half CreditBCSDiscontinued
6910Digital Computer Basics Half CreditBCSNot Ready
7919Visual Programming Half CreditBCSDiscontinued
8920Electronics Half CreditBCSContinued 2nd Code is 3437
9921Visual Programming Half CreditBCSDiscontinued
10922Theory of Automata & Formal Languages Half CreditBCSDiscontinued
11981Data Structure Half CreditBCSDiscontinued
12982Calculus Half CreditBCSDiscontinued
13984Numerical Methods Half CreditBCSDiscontinued
14985Data Communication Network Half CreditBCSDiscontinued
15986Data Base Management System with Oracle Half CreditBCSDiscontinued
16987Basic of Software Engineering Half CreditBCSDiscontinued
17988Operation Research Half CreditBCSDiscontinued
18989Internship or System Project Half CreditBCSDiscontinued
19990Office Automation & Software Tools Half CreditBCSDiscontinued
20991Networking & Data-Base Half CreditBCSDiscontinued
21992Computer in Education Half CreditBCSDiscontinued
22993Research Methodology Full CreditBCSDiscontinued
233400Fundamentals of Computers4(3+1)BCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITContinued
243401Mathematics for Computing-I4(4+0)BCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITContinued
253402Programming Concepts4(3+1)BCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITContinued
263403Mathematics for Computing-II4(4+0)BCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITContinued
273404Physics4(4+0)BCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITContinued
283405Foreign Language Half CreditBCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITDiscontinued
293406Discrete Mathematics4(4+0)BCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITContinued
303407Programming Languages-I4(3+1)BCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITContinued
313408Data Structures4(4+0)BCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITContinued
323409Digital Logic Design4(4+0)BCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITContinued
333410Databases-I4(3+1)BCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITContinued
343411Programming Languages-II4(3+1)BCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITDiscontinued
353412Research Methods3(3+0)BCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITContinued
363413Data Communications4(4+0)BCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITContinued
373414Software Engineering-I4(4+0)BCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITContinued
383415Programming Language-III4(3+1)BCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITContinued
393416Computer Architecture4(4+0)BCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITContinued
403417Numerical Analysis3(3+0)BCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITDiscontinued
413418Networking Design3(3+0)BCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITContinued
423419Software Project6(0+6)BCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITContinued
433420Software Engineering3BCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITContinued 2nd Code is 3575 (PGD CS through online mode)
443421Discrete Structure Half CreditBCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITDiscontinued 2nd Code is 3580 (PGD CS through online mode)
453422Introduction of Computer Concepts3BCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITContinued 2nd Code is 3576 (PGD CS through online mode)
463423Programming in C/C++ Languages Half CreditBCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITDiscontinued 2nd Code is 3577 (PGD CS through online mode)
473424Professional Communication Half CreditBCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITDiscontinued 2nd Code is 3578 (PGD CS through online mode)
483425Data Structure and Application Half CreditBCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITDiscontinued 2nd Code is 3581 (PGD CS through online mode)
493426Database Applications3BCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITContinued 2nd Code is 3579 (PGD CS (PGD CS through online mode)
503427Internet Programming Languages3BCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITContinued 2nd Code is 3582
513428Operating Systems Concepts3BCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITContinued 2nd Code is 3583
523429Data Communication and Networking3BCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITContinued 2nd Code is 3584
533430Windows and Unix3BCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITContinued
543431Computer Networks Half CreditBCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITDiscontinued
553432Management Data Basis Half CreditBCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITDiscontinued
563433PGD Project Half CreditBCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITDiscontinued
573434Client Server Database Half CreditBCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITDiscontinued
583435Visual Basic & Database Interface4(3+1)BCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITContinued
593436Business Accounting Systems Half CreditBCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITDiscontinued
603437Electronics4(4+0)BCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITContinued
613438Computer Communication & Networks4(3+1)BCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITDiscontinued
623439Operating System4(3+1)BCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITContinued
633440Accounting Information Systems4(4+0)BCS/PGD/BS (CS) & ITDiscontinued
643441Network Foundation3(3+0)BCS/PGDDiscontinued
653442IT Marketing Concepts4(4+0)BCS/PGDContinued
663443SQL Server Applications3(3+0)BCS/PGDDiscontinued
673444Networks & System Administration4(3+1)BCS/PGDContinued
683445Database Administration3(2+1)BCS/PGDDiscontinued
693446Web Design Tools4(3+1)BCS/PGDContinued
703447Statistics & Probability4(4+0)BCS/PGDContinued
713448Numerical Computing3(2+1)BCS/PGDDiscontinued
723449Human Computer Interaction3(2+1)BCS/PGDDiscontinued
733450Independent Study (Project) Half CreditBCSDiscontinued
743451Artificial Intelligence3(3+0)BCSContinued
753452Theory of Automata3(3+0)BCSContinued
763453Computer Organization & Assembly4(3+1)BCSContinued
773455Micro Economics3(3+0)BCSDiscontinued 2nd Code is 131
783456Business Communications3(3+0)BCSContinued 2nd Code is 136
793457Management Theory & Practice3(3+0)BCSContinued 2nd Code is 137
803458Cost Accounting4(4+0)BCSDiscontinued 2nd Code is 186
813459Human Resource Management3(3+0)BCSDiscontinued 2nd Code is 187
823460Research Study Half CreditBCSDiscontinued

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