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AIOU BS (CS/IT) Details

Following 27 codes with name, credit and remarks (whether it is continued, discontinued or old/new code info) are being offered in this program.
Results for BS (CS/IT) are being shown in the table. You can scroll table if needed. Click on the program to show its details. To view all programs being offered in AIOU you can visit this link.
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Results for programe BS (CS/IT)
Sr NoCode NoNameCreditProgrameRemarks
13461Management Information System3(3+0)BS (CS/IT)Continued 2nd Code is 3507
23462Multimedia System3(3+0)BS (CS/IT)Discontinued 2nd Code is 3512
33463Internet Programming4(3+1)BS (CS/IT)Discontinued 2nd Code is 3500
43464Object Oriented Analysis & Design3(3+0)BS (CS/IT)Continued 2nd Code is 3501
53465Software Engineering-II3(3+0)BS (CS/IT)Continued 2nd Code is 3502
63466Analysis & Design of Algorithms Half CreditBS (CS/IT)Continued 2nd Code is 3503
73467Database-II3(3+0)BS (CS/IT)Continued 2nd Code is 3504
83468Complier Construction3(3+0)BS (CS/IT)Continued 2nd Code is 3506
93469Computer Graphics4(4+0)BS (CS/IT)Discontinued 2nd Code is 3508
103470Web Engineering-I3(2+1)BS (CS/IT)Discontinued 2nd Code is 3524
113471Introduction to E-Business4(3+1)BS (CS/IT)Continued 2nd Code is 3525
123472IT Services Management3(3+0)BS (CS/IT)Continued 2nd Code is 3526
133473Computer Law3(3+0)BS (CS/IT)Continued 2nd Code is 3527
143474Web Engineering-II3(2+1)BS (CS/IT)Discontinued 2nd Code is 3528
153475Project6(0+6)BS (CS/IT)Continued 2nd Code is 3529
163476Networking Strategy (CS Major-I)3(3+0)BS (CS/IT)Continued 2nd Code is 3505
173477Design Fundamentals3(3+0)BS (CS/IT)Continued
183478Multimedia Script Writing3(2+1)BS (CS/IT)Discontinued
193479Multimedia Design3(2+1)BS (CS/IT)Discontinued
203480Audios Video Production4(4+0)BS (CS/IT)Discontinued
213481Design Patterns (CS Major-IV)3(3+0)BS (CS/IT)Continued
223482Software Architecture (CS Major-V)4(4+0)BS (CS/IT)Continued
233483Software Quality & Testing (CS Major-VI)4(3+1)BS (CS/IT)Continued
243484Data & Network Security (CS Major-III)3(3+0)BS (CS/IT)Continued
253485Distributed Computing (CS Major-IV)4(3+1)BS (CS/IT)Continued
263486Wireless Networks (CS Major-V)3(3+0)BS (CS/IT)Continued
273487Network Programming (CS Major-VI)3(2+1)BS (CS/IT)Continued

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