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AIOU CT Details

Following 70 codes with name, credit and remarks (whether it is continued, discontinued or old/new code info) are being offered in this program.
Results for CT are being shown in the table. You can scroll table if needed. Click on the program to show its details. To view all programs being offered in AIOU you can visit this link.
Click Here (AIOU all programs links and details)
Results for programe CT
Sr NoCode NoNameCreditProgrameRemarks
1101Vegetable Growing (Summer) No CreditFunctionalDiscontinued
2102Vegetable Growing (Winter) No CreditFunctionalDiscontinued
3103Soil Problems & Their Remedies No CreditFunctionalDiscontinued
4104Plant Protection No CreditFunctionalDiscontinued
5105Poultry Farming No CreditFunctionalDiscontinued
6106Repair and Maintenance of Tractor No CreditFunctionalDiscontinued
7107Sheep & Goat Husbandry No CreditFunctionalDiscontinued
8108Flower Growing No CreditFunctionalDiscontinued
9111Daftri Urdu for Federal Government Officers No CreditProject CourseContinue
10112French Online Certificate Course No CreditFunctional & BSContinued in BS it is 3 Cr.HR Course
11113Local Government & Its Responsibilities No CreditFunctionalDiscontinued
12115Daftri Urdu for Provincial Govt. Officers No CreditProject CourseDiscontinued
13126Auto Mechanics (Level C) Grade III No CreditFunctionalDiscontinued
14127Basic Auto Mechanics (Level B) Grade II No CreditFunctionalDiscontinued
15128Advance Auto Mechanics (Level A) Grade I No CreditFunctionalDiscontinued
16129Computer Software & Hardware Level C/Grade III No CreditFunctionalContinued
17157Masonry Manual Level C/Grade III No CreditFunctionalDiscontinued
18158Quantity Surveyor/Civil Draftsman Level C/Grade III No CreditFunctionalContinued
19159Civil Surveyor Level C/Grade III No CreditFunctionalContinued
20160Radio Mechanics Level C/Grade III No CreditFunctionalDiscontinued
21603Foundation of Education Half CreditCTNot yet offered
22604Urdu & Its Teaching Half CreditCTContinued
23605Social Studies & Its Teaching Half CreditCTContinued
24606Home Economics & Its Teaching Half CreditCTContinued
25607General Science & Its Teaching Half CreditCTContinued
26612Workshop Full CreditCTContinued
27631Dimensions in Education Half CreditCTContinued
28632Educational Psychology Half CreditCTContinued
29633School Organization and Management Half CreditCTContinued
30634English and Its Teaching (Compulsory Course) Half CreditCTContinued
31635Islamiat and Its Teaching Half CreditCTContinued
32636Math & Its Teaching Half CreditCTContinued
33637Sindhi and Its Teaching Half CreditCTNot yet offered
34638Teaching Strategies and Curriculum Half CreditCTContinued
35639Industrial Education & Its Teaching Half CreditCTNot yet offered
36640Islamic History & Its Teaching Half CreditCTNot yet offered
37641Agriculture & Its Teaching Half CreditCTNot yet offered
38642Arts Craft & Its Teaching Half CreditCTNot yet offered
39645Teaching of Math., Sciences & Physical Education Half CreditCTNot yet offered
401748Thesis8FCDirect PhD Statistics (Program Discontinued)Discontinued
411750Thesis8FCDirect PhD Mathematics (Program Discontinued)Discontinued
422720Thesis8FCDirect PhD Economics (Program Discontinued)
432745ThesisDirect PhD HistoryNot Ready
442748ThesisDirect PhD Mass Communication (Program Discontinued)
452760Thesis8FCDirect PhD CommerceNot Ready
462762Nutrition Through the life Cycle3(3-0)Direct PhD CommerceContinued
472763Food Quality & Consumer Value3(3-1)Direct PhD CommerceContinued
482764Principles of Nutritional Assessment3(3-1)Direct PhD CommerceContinued
493723Thesis8FCDirect PhD Teacher EducationDiscontinued
503724Thesis8FCDirect PhD DNFEDiscontinued
513725Thesis8FCDirect PhD EPMDiscontinued
524712Thesis8FCDirect PhD ArabicDiscontinued
535750Thesis12Direct PhD Computer ScienceContinued
546641Evolution of Television3MSc Television ProductionContinued
556642Process and Effects of Communication3MSc Television ProductionContinued
566643TV Camera Operation3MSc Television ProductionContinued
576644TV Script Writing3MSc Television ProductionContinued
586645Television and Society3MSc Television ProductionContinued
596646TV Programme Production3MSc Television ProductionContinued
606647TV Studio and Floor Management3MSc Television ProductionContinued
616648Television Lighting System3MSc Television ProductionContinued
626649TV News Production and Presentation3MSc Television ProductionContinued
636650TV Documentary3MSc Television ProductionContinued
646651TV and Globalization3MSc Television ProductionContinued
656652TV Set Designing3MSc Television ProductionContinued
666653Television Program Analysis (Seminar)3MSc Television ProductionContinued
676654Post Production Editing3MSc Television ProductionContinued
686655TV Sound System3MSc Television ProductionContinued
696656Research Project3MSc Television ProductionContinued
706657Internship3MSc Television ProductionContinued

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