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NTS Papers Solving Strategies - NAT or GAT General Test

To attempt NTS (National Testing Service) test successfully requires special strategies. Otherwise it is difficult to go through these types of papers. I have planned some tips based on my personal experience in NAT and GAT tests.

  1. Most critical point I felt during the exams is time management. NTS examinations are time limited, so the students should not waste their time right from start of the paper to go through all of the questions.
  2. Questions are divided into parts e.g English, quantitative, qualitative. First select that part for which you feel yourself more confident regardless of order.
  3. Some question statements are tricky but not difficult in actual. Don't be panic. Read them carefully and understand them with basic knowledge and present mind.
  4. Read each question at least two times before you encircle the answer.
  5. Don't miss any question. You must check your answer sheet in last two minutes to label such missing and fill them.
  6. If you have confusion regarding a certain point (not picked so well), don't leave it unanswered. Guess the most appropriate answer and encircle it because their is not negative marking.

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