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AIOU B.A Library and Information Sciences Old Papers - Up-to-Date Past Papers

B.A Library and Information Sciences (BLIS) is a two years program with eight credit hours and minimum four semesters in AIOU. All eight courses are compulsory. Old papers of past many years are listed below as sample for your guidance. All the papers are ordered here according to their course codes.

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Code No Course Name Past Papers
404 Urdu View
416 Islamic Studies (Compulsory) View
417 Pakistan Studies View
418 Ethics View
419 Education View
422 Organizing Library Resources View
423 Library Services View
427 Pakistani Literature-I View
431 Reporting View
451 Public Relations View
452 Mass Communication View
455 Book Editing View
461 Advertising View
466 History of Libraries View
467 Classification and Cataloging View
1423 Compulsory English-I View
1424 Compulsory English-II View

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