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AIOU M.A Islamic Studies Old Papers - Up-to-Date Past Papers

AIOU M.A Islamic Studies is a two years programme with sixty credit hours and minimum four semesters in AIOU. There are four areas of specialization. Students have to choose it from third semester. Old papers of past many years are listed below as sample for your guidance. All the papers are ordered here according to their course codes.

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Code No Course Name Past Papers
4601 Islamic History-I View
4602 Islamic History-II View
4603 Islamic Movements in Modern Age View
4604 Islamic Movements in the Sub Continent View
4605 History of Islamic Sciences View
4606 History of Islamic Thought View
4607 Philosophy and Objectives of Shariah-I View
4608 Philosophy and Objectives of Shariah-II View
4609 Islamic Civilization in Historic Perspective View
4610 Western Civilization in Historical Perspective View
4611 Usool Tafsir and History of Tafsir View
4612 Study of Quran-e-Hakim View
4613 Ulum-al-Quran-I View
4614 Ulum-al-Quran-II View
4615 Evolution of Tafseer-I View
4616 Evolution of Tafseer-II View
4617 Fiqh Al-Quran-I View
4618 Fiqh Al-Quran-II View
4619 Textual Study of Al-Quran-I View
4620 Textual Study of Al-Quran-II View
4621 Usool, History of Hadith and Textual Study View
4622 Textual Study of Hadith View
4623 Al-Qawaid Fil Hadith-I View
4624 Al-Qawaid Fil Hadith-II View
4625 History of Hadith Literature-I View
4626 History of Hadith Literature-II View
4627 Textual Study of Hadith-I View
4628 Textual Study of Hadith-II View
4629 Fiqh-ul-Sunnah (Ibadat) View
4630 Fiqa-ul-Sunnah (Muamilat) View
4631 Study of Fiqh View
4632 Study of Texts of Islamic Fiqh View
4633 Introduction to Islamic Shariah-I View
4634 Introduction to Islamic Shariah-II View
4635 Procedural Law of Islam View
4636 Claims Processing and System of Accountability in Islamic Law View
4637 Criminal Law of Islam (Crimes and Hudood) View
4638 Islamic Law of Qasas, Diat and Tazirat View
4639 Arabic Language and Literature (Quran & Hadith) View
4640 Arabic Language and Literature (Prose & Poetry) View

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