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AIOU M.Sc Pakistan Studies Old Papers - Up-to-Date Past Papers

AIOU M.Sc Pakistan Studies is a two years programme with sixty credit hours and four semesters in AIOU. There are twenty courses in this programme. All the courses are compulsory. Old papers of past many years are listed below as sample for your guidance. All the papers are ordered here according to their course codes.

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Code No Course Name Past Papers
537 Ideological Foundations of Pakistan View
538 Genesis of Pakistan Movement View
541 Social Change View
545 Political Parties and Pressure Groups in Pakistan View
4655 Geography of Pakistan-I View
4656 Geography of Pakistan-II View
4657 Pakistani Languages and Literature-I View
4658 Pakistani Languages and Literature-II View
4659 Economic Development in Pakistan-I View
4660 Economic Development in Pakistan-II View
4661 Foreign Policy of Pakistan-I View
4662 Foreign Policy of Pakistan-II View
4663 Pakistani Society and Culture-I View
4664 Pakistani Society and Culture-II View
4665 Research Methods-I View
4666 Research Methods-II View
4667 Political and Constitutional Development in Pakistan-I View
4668 Political and Constitutional Development in Pakistan-II View
4669 Social Theory-I View
4670 Social Theory-II View

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