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University of Sargodha M.A English Papers - Up-to-Date Past Papers

M.A English is a two years program with ten subjects. Five compulsory subjects are offered in first part and Five in second part with four compulsory and one optional subject. University of Sargodha (UOS) holds examinations according to annual basis for this program. Each subject carry 100 marks.

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Sr No Subject Name View
Old Papers
1Paper-I Classical PoetryView
2Paper-II DramaView
3Paper-III Novel / FictionView
4Paper-IV ProseView
5Paper-V American LiteratureView
6Paper-I / VI Poetry-IIView
7Paper-II / VII Modern Drama-IIView
8Paper-III / VIII Novel-IIView
9Paper-IV / IX Literary CriticismView
10Paper-V / X Short StoriesView
11Paper-VI English Literature Around the WorldView
12Paper-VII / XII LinguisticsView
13Paper-VIII / XIII EssaysView

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